Monday, 14 October 2013

Mars conjunct Regulus – A test of strength and resolve.

Lion 2

This connection is active now and is effective until 16th October 2013. It occurs at 00:01 degrees Virgo

Mars is now in contact with the Royal Persian star, Regulus, one of the most prominent and important stars in the night sky. Regulus known as the “Watcher of the North” sits at the heart of the constellation of Leo the Lion and is very much concerned with success through one’s honour and the way you act. With Regulus you must fight the good fight to achieve your aims and if you do so fairly and squarely then riches will follow, but you will face a nemesis who or which will test your resolve. The test here is one of not biting back when you are criticized or someone does something wrong to you. If you carry out any kind of retribution then in time all of what you have achieved will be lost.

Mars is the planet of action and force and you will have to take positive steps right now to proceed in the direction that you wish to go, so it really is time to take the bull by the horns. This is a great time for sports and games and for exerting one’s energy. Any action-based activity will be enjoyed and can provide you with fulfilment and enjoyment, especially as this aspect is applying. Once the exact connection is made and Mars moves into Virgo tomorrow, then you can focus on how you do thing and getting things precise and correct rather then putting on a show as Mars in Leo wants to do.

Now I said that there is a nemesis with any connection to Regulus and Mars’ nemesis this time around will be in the form of a nasty opposition to Neptune. This aspect saps your strength and your ability to act in an effective manner and it may also be working behind the scenes to thwart your best interests. Neptune will show deception and deceit towards you and will confuse things too and only if you can forgive and forget and not be provoked by what is working against you will you be able to make the very best that Mars conjunct Regulus can offer.

In the US, I feel a game of brinkmanship going on as the financial shutdown grinds through into a third week. Will President Obama keep his cool and not try to take out some kind of revenge of the Republicans who keep delaying and upsetting his desire to set a budget? This is his personal test right now especially with Regulus and Mars connection in his 7th house of one to one relationships and that of open enemies. I think that he will have to keep his dignity to get the agreements that he and the US so desire and need. If he does then he can move forward confidently. If he reacts in the wrong manner then great losses may befall him.

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